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Improving mental wellbeing

Our local grant programs initiative provides practical support and funding to help Zurich business units initiate long-term, strategic relationships with local community organizations. All programs must align with our strategy, engage employees through the donation of time and talent, and respect local cultures and priorities.

As part of our approach, we like to identify and facilitate further charitable opportunities to add value. This could include in-kind donations of Zurich’s products, use of Zurich’s premises, facilitating introductions for supported organizations to Zurich’s wider business networks, undertaking capacity audits and seconding Zurich employees to help address identified gaps, or even encouraging Zurich senior employees to accept positions on management committee/board of trustees of organizations we work with.

All our local grant programs are developed in collaboration with the local Zurich offices. Read more on each program below:

  • Argentina - Transforming the lives of trauma injured people 
    A three-year grant to transform the lives of trauma injured people, in collaboration with the Fundación Trauma Prevención Y Mejora De La Atención De La Enfermedad Trauma.

    This program aims to up-skill 500 doctors and thousands of Zurich’s employees and distributors and create positive outcomes for more than 10,000 people per year. It will help to provide quality information and developing trauma systems, according to international standards, and alongside the Argentinian Government.
  • Australia – Supporting youth through mentoring

    A five-year grant to support youth mental wellbeing through high school mentoring and capacity building, in collaboration with the Raise Foundation.

    After a successful three-year collaboration, we have renewed our commitment to enabling the Raise Foundation to expand their work and fulfil their ambition of having their mentoring program available in every public high school in the country by 2024.


  • Bermuda - Creating better outcomes for young people

    A three-year grant to create better outcomes for Bermuda’s young people, in collaboration with the Family Centre.

    Family Centre’s Beyond Rugby program supports and inspires young people to reach their full potential on and off the rugby field. It combines the coaching expertise of the Bermuda Rugby Foot Union (BRFU) with the therapeutic and counseling skills of the Family Centre staff to attract some of the highest-risk youth to the program.

  • Isle of Man – Raising awareness about wellbeing issues

    A three-year grant to provide mental wellbeing education, prevention and transformative early intervention in collaboration with Isle Listen.

    The “Isle Listen” program is raising awareness about wellbeing in schools, providing support and training to both families and professionals, as well as one-to-one sessions for those in the most need. Through this program, we have the ambition to reach out to the entire school and college population of the Isle of Man – approximately 15,000 students and over 1,000 people working within the education sector – as well as supporting employers and delivering community-wide campaigns and resources.

    This program has the potential to transform mental health awareness and early intervention across the island, especially given the size of the population and its interconnectedness. We hope to see up to 85,000 people positively impacted by the program.

  • New Zealand – Supporting youth mental wellbeing

    A two-year grant to improve the mental health and wellbeing of New Zealand’s primary and high school students with Sir John Kirwan Foundation and Zurich New Zealand.

    This grant supports Mitey, a school-wide approach to mental health education, bringing teachers, students and communities together around a common goal – mentally thriving children. Mitey is being rolled out to schools in Auckland and is set to go nationwide reaching thousands of students and positively impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people (teachers, students and their families).