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Tackle Your Feelings (TYF) is a multi-awarded awareness program run with people who have played sports, struggled with a mental health issue, or both. We are giving individuals the tools and motivation to take care of themselves. And seeing the positive reaction from the sports community, we’re now applying these same methods in workplaces and schools. 


In Australia, Tackle Your Feelings is a mental well-being training program funded by the Z Zurich Foundation and offered to community AFL clubs in urban, rural and remote areas across Australia, supporting the well-being of players and their families, coaches and club volunteers. The genius of Tackle Your Feelings is that it recognizes the unique role that community coaches and football clubs play in improving the well-being and social cohesiveness of  
local communities.  

Therefore, it is a grassroots program which assists Australians to improve their ability to understand, recognize and manage signs of poor mental health. 

The Tackle Your Feelings training is developed and delivered by accredited psychologists and was modelled on the mental health training provided at the 18 professional AFL clubs. It therefore supports de-stigmatization and greater awareness around mental health issues, but importantly, also behavioral change. 

This campaign is run in collaboration with the Australian Football League’s (AFL) Players’ and Coaches’ Associations and Zurich Financial Services Australia LTD.


Visit Tackle Your Feelings Australia's dedicated website


In Ireland, Tackle Your Feelings is a mental health and wellbeing campaign, which supports proactively looking after your mental wellbeing. With resources available covering happiness, optimism and resilience, join our community in taking control of your mental wellbeing.

This campaign is run in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Plc in Ireland and Rugby Players Ireland.

With some of Ireland’s sporting heroes leading the way, we want to inspire people to take control and be more proactive in looking after their mental well-being, so that issues are tackled before they hit crisis stage.

A busy 2019 saw the re-launch of the campaign in September with TYF’s ambassador James Lowe who shared his story of dealing with adversity and the power of positive thinking, along with the new strapline – ‘Take Control’. The second phase of this national campaign aims to bring TYF to schools and businesses, giving more people the resources to be mentally fit. 

The Irish program has inspired other Zurich business units, like in Australia. This is a first for the Z Zurich Foundation – taking a successful program it has invested in from one country and transferring it with funding to another. 


Visit Tackle Your Feelings Ireland's dedicated website