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ResilNam- photo taken by René Arnold

CG_icon_white Helping vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change


3.3 billion people live in hotspots of high vulnerability to climate change. – IPCC

As climate change continues to impact our planet, vulnerable communities are facing an increasingly dire situation. The current increase in temperature is having devastating consequences and disproportionately affecting those who lack the resources to adapt and build resilience.  

Our vision is one of a resilient future where communities - large and small - can adapt to avoid losses and damages from the changing climate. This will enable the most vulnerable to face a secure, healthy and prosperous future whilst remaining in place as much as possible.

At the heart of this lies the goal to allow people to continue living in their communities, with links to their home and traditions. No one wants to flee, and by adapting to the changing climate, fewer should have to. 




Building climate resilience at a community level is not only dependent on local action but on the systems that impact that community.

David Nash
Climate Change and Senior Partnerships Manager, Z Zurich Foundation

Our community-based programs reach those most vulnerable to the impact of climate change. We empower them with knowledge and resources for safeguarding lives and livelihoods - now and in the future.

Aidee Zamorano
Climate Change Adaptation Program Manager, Z Zurich Foundation





Our approach 

Our approach to climate adaptation focuses on the following key elements. 

  • Community-driven programming – using targeted research and analysis, we develop customized solutions that can be scaled up
  • Local, national, and global advocacy - showcasing our programming to decision-makers who can influence policy and change systems
  • Strategic collaboration with the public and private sector -  harnessing the expertise and resources needed to build resilience on a global scale

Through our programming activities and together with our partners, we currently operate in around 350 communities facing climate change hazards. What this means in practice is talking to people about the risks they face and then drawing on our network's expertise to develop and implement the right measures in each situation.

Read the full media release: Millions to benefit from an expanded leading program to adapt to climate change  

Innovation at your fingertips

The Climate Resilience Measurement for Communities (CRMC) is an innovative framework designed to help communities identify their vulnerabilities when it comes to climate change. Not only does it assess the level of resilience within a community, it also supports decision-making in multi-year programs by providing helpful information at various stages of the program. It can be used in various contexts and adapted to specific needs.

Currently, the CRMC covers floods and heatwaves, but it can be expanded to other climate hazards. By utilizing this framework communities can become prepared to cope with the challenges they face as a result of climate change impacts.

We are actively inviting others to use the CRMC, if you are a non-profit, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss how you can apply it in your community work.


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