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ResilNam- photo taken by René Arnold

Leading the way to adapt to climate change

Helping millions of people throughout the world become more resilient, adaptive and prosperous in the face of climate hazards.

Photo credit: Ren Arnold, ResilNam

For humanity to prosper in the face of climate change, we need to think of ourselves as having a shared future, one we can draw on our collective knowledge and resources to plan for. 

'Adapting to Climate Change' program

Throughout our "Adapting to Climate Change" program, we are proposing a triple approach to support vulnerable people within our communities to adapt to climate change.

Building on the success of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, we are now implementing an innovative and integrated approach to further help our communities. As of January 2021, we will launch our ‘Adapting to Climate Change’ Program that is based on a triple extension approach:

1. Expand our existing flood program: in addition to the current leverage approach that aims to leverage USD 1 billion of funding to flood resilience, we are expanding the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance's work on communities in the developing world with the ambition to make approximatively four million people more resilient to flooding by 2024.

2. Leverage: to further engage Zurich employees and stakeholders and therefore further increasing our overall impact, we will leverage our global approach on flood and apply it in Zurich business unit markets, piloting localized versions of the program and focusing on relevant single-hazards such as floods or wildfires.

3. Urbanize: to move beyond a single hazard approach in mostly rural environments, we will extend the localized approach and pilot a multiple (or compound) hazards approach in Urban areas in selected Zurich markets.

Read the full media release: Millions to benefit from an expanded leading program to adapt to climate change