Engaging with us

Engaging with us

There is an activist in all of us!

What it means to be an activist

At times, we may feel overwhelmed by the challenges that we see around us; war, climate disasters, social injustice. It can be difficult to know where to start, where you can make a difference. But every one of us has the power to create positive change in society through activism.

As an activist you can make a meaningful impact on the issues that matter most. Through the collective effort of passionate individuals, we can turn belief into positive action to shape a better future.

So what makes an activist successful?

  • Activists are driven by the desire to improve the lives of others. They use their voices, energy and resources to advocate for causes they believe in.

  • Activists listen to others with different views, in order to understand how to best tackle issues in a holistic way.

  • Activists raise awareness about important issues and work towards implementing solutions.

  • Activists aim to empower marginalized communities and amplify their voices.

At its core, activism means taking action. It could be volunteering for a local charity event or encouraging others to stand up for issues in their own communities. It could be mentoring young people in need of support or creating a fundraiser in response to crisis. And it could also be connecting organizations and governments to bring about policy-level changes that benefit the many.

One thing that could define the role of the Foundation in the future of a world that is so divided, is to build empathy and activism amongst people.

Mark Heasman

Head of Activism, Z Zurich Foundation

engagement opportunities

Activism and engagement opportunities for Zurich employees

Community engagement benefits both communities and individuals. It can empower communities to identify issues, find solutions and build positive relationships with individuals and organizations that can offer support. At the same time, it provides volunteers with opportunities to improve their communities, utilize their knowledge and skills and find a greater sense of purpose.



All permanent Zurich employees are entitled to a minimum of one day per year of paid volunteering. 

We organize and facilitate volunteering initiatives in which employees can contribute their time and skills toward causes they are passionate about, creating positive impact within their own communities and beyond.

Our local grant programs provide opportunities for employees to engage in volunteering, such as mentoring or skills-based volunteering.

Each year, we allocate a budget to match Zurich employees' volunteering hours with donations to good causes.


Through our matching scheme, we match the donations made by Zurich employees to support the charitable causes close to their heart.

We have also opened our matching schemes to other stakeholders through our campaign appeals to support vulnerable communities across the globe following climate disasters and other crises. 
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Community Hero Awards

In 2017, we launched a program to recognize Zurich employees who make significant contributions in their communities. Employees can nominate their colleagues for a wide range of activities, including fundraising, volunteering and campaigning. Each winner and runner-up receive a one-off donation to the charity of their choice (aligned with our giving guidelines).  

In 2022, we gave away 27 awards to recognize individuals/teams for going above and beyond to support their local communities. 

One Young World

One Young World is a global organization that brings together a diverse group of young change makers from 190+ countries to an annual summit where they take on the most pressing issues facing humanity. One Young World is activism in action because it empowers young leaders to create positive change in their communities, countries and beyond. 

Through our scholarship program, we send 16 exceptional young people to the annual summit each year - investing in the activists of the future who will confront the most critical challenges of our time. 

Find out more about our One Young World scholarships and delegates here