ResilNam- photo taken by Rene Arnold

The activist in all of us

  • Adapting to climate change

    Leading the way

    For humanity to prosper in the face of climate change, we need to think of ourselves as having a shared future, one we can draw on our collective knowledge and resources to plan for. 

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  • Improving mental wellbeing

    Co-creating a movement

    If we can help break down the social stigma around mental health, then more people who are suffering will feel able to speak out about it.  

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  • Enabling social equity

    Building a more inclusive society

    Our foundation wants to help create a society of equal opportunity, a world in which those on the fringes can step into the light.

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  • Engage with us

    Awakening your inner activist

    By championing the champions and together looking at the bigger picture – in all its complexity – we have a better chance of addressing our society’s most pressing issues. 

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Z Zurich Foundation

The activist in all of us

As you read this, there’s a rice farmer in Odisha, Eastern India who knows that this much rain in this many hours can only mean one thing. In Galway, Ireland, a rising rugby star is gathering the courage to say out loud that the pressures of life are getting too much. And in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, there’s a First Nations 16-year-old looking right into camera, ready to tell her story for the very first time. 

At the Z Zurich Foundation, we’re learning that what these three people have in common is a need for connection – because the challenges they’re facing are not isolated. And if we recognize these individuals as an essential part of our community, we can start talking about shared responsibility. 

We are more than a select group in a room deciding what’s best for the world. We’re thinking outside the ticked box by equipping Zurich employees to become activists in their communities. We unite NGOs and governments, businesses and local heroes to work with those most in need. By championing the champions and together looking at the bigger picture – in all its complexity – we have a better chance of addressing our society’s most pressing issues. 

Z Zurich Foundation’s coronavirus (COVID-19) response

The Z Zurich Foundation is pledging up to CHF 20 million to support COVID-19 relief around the world. We are focusing all efforts on where it can make the most impact:

1. We are providing emergency financial support to the charities Z Zurich Foundation already works with, and to the charities Zurich’s business units globally have been working with for a long time, to help them navigate through the short to medium term issues arising from this crisis.

2. We are funding localized disaster relief initiatives, proposed by Zurich business units that focus on urgent medical, food poverty, or mental health needs. It also includes a focus on domestic violence and providing technology for homeschooling.

3. We are engaging Zurich business units and employees in fundraising campaigns, offering 100% matching on Zurich employee fundraising efforts to support local charities.

We are also launching several employee engagement initiatives (such as new virtual volunteering programs and engaging charity games) to provide opportunities to Zurich employees to support their communities and the charities close to their heart, even from home.

At the end of June 2020, with all these efforts combined, we have already supported more than one million people worldwide.

Please note, because we believe focus is essential for maximizing impact, we do not accept any unsolicited requests for funding.