Launching a new chapter together

The power of collaboration to scale impact




Photo: Greenhouse nursery training in Antioquia
Photo credit: Red Cross Colombia


From strengthening partnerships to influencing system-level change, here’s how we aim to scale up our support for vulnerable people.

When we looked at evolving our ambition, it became very clear that the best can be achieved by adopting a long-term view. Given that the impact of our work is not linear by nature, defining a 2035 horizon helped us to fairly demonstrate the boldness of our new ambition. Where we want to be in 2035 is therefore our new North Star. That determination is essential: it informs where we need to be in 4 years from now in order to be on track with our new North Star.

A dual approach. We understand that philanthropy and community support cannot thrive in isolation. By forming partnerships with other organizations and corporate foundations, we are expanding the ecosystems of community support, significantly increasing our capacity to create impact at scale.

Simultaneously, our aim is to influence systemic changes that create benefits for people well beyond those we directly support. Through case studies and success stories, we can clearly demonstrate to relevant stake-holders the impact and significance of the work we do with like-minded organizations.

This belief in impact scaling through system-level changes and partnerships is being embedded within our organization itself, as we strive to create positive transformations across our four pillars of work. 


Refining our structure and strengthening our team

Delivering on a bold ambition requires a strong team of experts in various fields. In 2023, we enhanced the capabilities of the team, strengthening the skills, experience and responsibilities of existing team members. We also created and filled several new positions to ensure the Management Team is set up for success.

Today, 22 dedicated individuals are now working hard to create brighter futures for the most vulnerable around the world. Each team member brings unique expertise, passion, and a strong commitment to making a meaningful impact. We are united by an extraordinary motivating purpose, and are driven by our shared values and collective determination to bring about positive change.

It’s about optimizing what we have and who we are, so that we can do better for society and those who need help most. We have long-term ambitions, but they begin now and will continue to be our focus over the next four years.

Gregory Renand

Head of Z Zurich Foundation

Scaling impact through system-level change and partnerships

To tackle global challenges, we need systems-level solutions implemented through partnerships. By collaborating, sharing insights and driving action, we can reshape systems more swiftly and effectively.

man talking in front of people

DVT is an award-winning program that tackles high youth unemployment in Spain and promotes diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector. It is designed with partnership at its heart.

Together with Zurich Spain, several public administrations, five foundations and 110 insurance companies and brokers, we have rolled out this program in multiple education centers in 9 cities across Spain.

Young people enrolled in the program receive technical training with key industry partners and experts, to increase their knowledge and understanding of the insurance sector. The program also offers many hours of training experience within insurance companies and/or brokers and youth are accompanied by industry experts for a significant portion of these hours.

Here are some of the milestones to date:

  • 224 apprenticeships offered to 153 students
  • 72% labor insertion rate
  • 4.3 million young people in Spain reached through a Spotify campaign

Without the commitment and real-world input of organizations within the public and private sectors, we would not be able to reach the scale and depth of impact afforded by the program. When multiple actors join together to face a societal issue, the impact from their combined action reaches much further and resonates far deeper than what could be achieved alone.