The societal need in all our strategic pillars has become greater and more urgent

Aiming to become the leading private sector voice in balancing global finance towards climate change adaptation.

Adapting to Climate Change

As climate change continues to impact our planet, vulnerable communities are facing an increasingly dire situation. Mitigating climate change is essential but will never be enough if communities on the frontlines are not equipped to thrive. Our climate change adaptation work began a decade ago when we founded the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance (the Alliance). Today, the Alliance supports over 300 communities in 21 countries.

However, investing in and delivering community-driven solutions is only one part of the story. A substantial aspect of the work conducted by the Alliance is to influence local and global institutions to scale up climate resilience investment and activities. In 2022, the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance influenced USD 146 million of funding from other parties for climate adaptation, taking the total influenced so far to over USD 500 million.

Discover the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance’s new report, which presents progress-to-date as of Year 5 of Phase II. This report highlights the impact and change we are seeing as a result of our community engagement, learning, research, and advocacy work. Click here.

*The Global Resilient Cities Network

**Zurich American Insurance Company